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133 Years of Dalby History


new Chef!

Bruce Johnson trained under various chefs and he worked in numerous restaurants (some rated in the top-sixty Canada-wide) including Movenpick, Rogues, and Babsi's, before opening Hooks Grille - a Cajun Seafood spot in Port Credit. After selling the restaurant to his sister and brother-in-law, Bruse wnated something a little different and closer to home. He decided to pursue his own catering business. Fate, however, played a different role and he became involved in the opening of the Mad Hatter in north Mississauga, and in the ensuing years Bruce helped to open a number of other Mad Hatter Pubs before ending up at the Mad Hatter in Orangeville. Fire took the restaurant, but hardly destroyed the creativity of our newly-acquired chef. Watch the blackboards to see what he has in store!

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