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               Dalby House, 143 Metcalfe Street, ELORA, Ontario (519) 846-9811

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133 Years of Dalby History

The Coal Bin is available for your party!

Contact Angie at  846-9811 for reservations.

Free Jukebox!!

Celtic Jam Session in the Lounge

All request DJ, Aaron Switzer in the Pub


Watch for live entertainment in the 'Bin

Free pool and shelled nuts all day. Come in and make a mess.
.35 cent Wings
April 15
Potion Kings with Mike Maclean
April 17
Boo and friends
April 24
Elora pre-school Fundraiser
May 8
Platonic shadows
May 15
the machine shed acoustic excitementfest bonanza extravaganza. featuring Anson Dremit, convertible robots with Dave White and Phildo Cactus.
May 29
Ben Sures
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